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A detailed explanation re: our Flat fee pricing (Family Law cases).

by St. Petersburg/Florida Family Law Attorney on 07/21/17

For the past few weeks or so, we have received a large number of inquiries regarding out flat fee pricing.  While we are extremely grateful and ecstatic, we would like to explain in detail how it works.  Our flat fee pricing gives you options to either cover you up to and including mediation, or throughout the duration of your case.  The incentive here, is that you do not have to worry about any hourly billing.  If, in the event, your case is resolved rather expeditiously, we would refund you a portion/percentage of your flat fee payment (depending on the amount of work performed).  In most cases, we will allow a potential client to split up the fee assessed into two (2) equal payments. However, if a potential client wants to split the payments into 3 or more, we would not be able to oblige.  Our office does offer financing for select clients, whereby if you qualify, you would be able to make monthly payments (with a fixed interest rate of 9.99%).  At this time, we do not offer monthly payment plans on our flat fee, fixed pricing (outside of 2 payments).  Please note that this offer is only open to clients who are initiating a new case, whereby they have not acted pro se in that matter or hired an attorney to represent them.  If for example you are looking to modify your child custody/time-sharing or child support matter, and looking to retain me as your lawyer, the flat fee option is not open to you (for the exception of Child Support Cases initiated through DOR).  However, if in a different scenario, you are looking to hire an attorney to initiate a new case for you, the Flat Fee Option (with two equal monthly payments) would be open to you.  We hope this clears up any confusion regarding our pricing.  

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