Advice from a St. Petersburg Family Law Attorney : Common Family Law Issues (Questions and Answers)
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Advice from a St. Petersburg Family Law Attorney

by Jerome C. Williams, Jr. on 05/17/16

Good Outcomes for Children After Dissolution of Their Parents' Marriage

As a St. Petersburg Family Law attorney, it is imperative that you help foster a relationship between both parents/litigants.  Research conducted at the California Center for the Family in Transition shows three factors associated with good outcomes for the child after dissolution of their parents' marriage:
  • A close, sensitive working relationship with a psychologically intact conscientious primary residential parent.
  • The diminution of conflict and reasonable cooperation between the parents.
  • Whether the child came to the dissolution with pre-existing psychological difficulties.
Furthermore, your family law lawyer should:
  • Educate you as the parent as to the purpose of the legal system and Florida law as it relates to parental responsibility and child issues.
  • Improve the psychological health of the parent.
  • Promote early completion of the emotional stages of dissolution of marriage which interfere with the ability to conscientiously parent.
  • Improve the communication between the parents through use of communication plans.
  • Eliminate or minimize conflict.
  • Promote a parenting plan which focuses on the future cooperation between the parents.
  • Focus the parents on the best interests of the child, to deal with the child's needs and difficulties.
As your St. Petersburg Family law attorney, I promise you that I will advise you of all of your options.  It is commonplace that parents tend to fight and argue over their child(ren), often forgetting that the child's best interest is what is most important.  Please feel free to contact your St. Petersburg Family Law lawyer for a free, no-obligation consultation to see if I can help.  Oftentimes, a good Family Law attorney can be the difference between a bad outcome in your case and a good outcome.  

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