St. Petersburg Child Custody (Legal Shared Parental Responsibility Options) : Common Family Law Issues (Questions and Answers)
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St. Petersburg Child Custody (Legal Shared Parental Responsibility Options)

by Jerome C. Williams, Jr. on 06/05/16

Legal shared parental responsibility addresses the issues of decision making, communication difficulties, and one parent usurping control.  There is a legal presumption of equality, each parent retaining his or her rights and responsibilities to the child.  The legal issue is whether or not there should be:

  • Full shared parental responsibility with both parents conferring and cooperating prior to making an decision and making all decisions jointly.
  • Ultimate responsibility where both parents are still required to attempt to confer and cooperate but one parent has "final word" to make the decision if the parents cannot agree (instead of running to court each time for the court to make the decision).
  • Sole parental responsibility, with one parent entitled to make all decisions without having to confer and cooperate with the other parent, with or without the responsibility or duty to keep the other parent informed and involved.  

    These concerns may be corrected with agreed interventions and stipulations if both parents are committed to correcting the communication and conflict issues in the best interests of the minor child, and impairments are addressed and treated.  The inquiry is whether the parents do agree that the best interests of the minor child come before the best interests of the parents.  The focus is on "loving the child more than they hate the other parent."  Using terminology of "the mother of your child" or "father of your child" instead of spouse or former spouse may help change focus.  Your family lawyer must be "salesmen" promoting interventions and amicable resolution as the reasonable alternative to expensive litigation in which the remedy they seek is not a remedy available to them.  

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