St. Petersburg Family Attorney : Common Family Law Issues (Questions and Answers)
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St. Petersburg Family Attorney

by Jerome C. Williams, Jr. on 06/06/16

Our Family Law Focus: Divorce, Child Custody, & Alimony

JC Williams law practices in the area of family law, an area of the law that includes, divorce, alimony, custody disputes, equitable distribution of assets, relocation, enforcement, and modifications. Our firm is dedicated to finding a resolution to these often very contentious issues. Our goal is to protect your family and your children through family law matters. Our attorneys are experienced in trial advocacy and litigation, but aware of the need for a resolution which preserves the best interests of you and your family.

Attention to the Individual Client is number 1

The practice of family law requires a close attention to the financial, personal and emotional aspects of a person’s life. These private characteristics are complex; requiring a unique plan to achieve the particular goals in any family law matter. With this philosophy in mind, JC Williams Law provides a specific plan in close consultation with each Client in order to navigate their specific family law issues.

Dedicated St. Petersburg & Clearwater Family Law Resolution

Family law is criticized by some as being a cumbersome and overly elongated process which negatively affects the family rather than providing a means of healthy transition. There are cases in which litigation cannot be avoided. JC Williams Law addresses each case with an eye towards amicable resolution and litigation if necessary. The Attorneys at JC Williams Law have witnessed first hand how the family law process can create unnecessary additional tension within families. Those affected the most are often those whose names appear on no legal pleadings, the children. JC Williams Law wishes to minimize the impact of the family law process and promote a future that is far less turbulent.

Why Choose JC Williams Law to represent you?

Legal issues that affect the family can be complex and emotional.  JC Williams Law prides itself on its focus towards resolution, rather than the conflict.  It is a paradox that the law propels people into bitter conflict in an effort to reconcile difference during a separation or parental conflict.  JC Williams Law advises Clients as to the possible solutions and the risks involved in each case.  While the focus at JC Williams Law is an amicable solution that allows for lessened conflict in the future, the Attorneys at JC Williams Law have significant litigation experience to assure complete and competent representation through the entire legal process.

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