What to look for in a Family Law attorney? : Common Family Law Issues (Questions and Answers)
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What to look for in a Family Law attorney?

by Jerome C. Williams, Jr. on 04/08/16

Whether you're dealing with a divorce, paternity issue, modification of child support issue, etc., it can be a pretty stressful experience.  Moreover, unfortunately, more often than not, it is a time-period where people act irrationally, totally ignoring who is being hurt or affected. While this post will vary from many of the other ones that I write, it will nevertheless address one of the most important issues I believe that presents itself in the family law arena: Choosing an attorney to represent you.

There is a very sad and unfortunate misconception, that in order to obtain exactly what you are looking for, you need to hire the loudest, rudest, aggressive, most obnoxious attorney.  I can't tell you how many times clients become dissatisfied when they do not obtain  the results they were looking for. Moreover, they have spent thousands (in some cases, tens of thousands) of dollars and realize that both parties could've had their issues amicably resolved, without spending a ton of money.  Be very careful when choosing an attorney to represent you in your Family Law matter.  You want someone who is compassionate, aggressive (when necessary), and will obtain the best outcome that is reasonable despite the circumstances.  You do not want to be in a situation where you've spent almost $20,000 and all you have to show, is tons of pleadings from both your side and opposing counsel with absolutely no resolution in sight......

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