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Here, at JC Williams Law, we can help you if you have a small claims matter (this is a claim that does not exceed $5,000 in damages).  More often than not, most people feel an attorney will not be necessary in these types of proceedings, or it may not be financially feasible.  This is not true.

One of the benefits of small claims court is that the process is immensely simplified, as an lawyer/attorney is not required.  The legal process is usually less complex, and the rules are much less stringent as opposed to a normal county or civil matter.  For those that request to be represented in small claims matters, these same factors make it possible for JC Williams Law to provide representation to you in an affordable manner. Use of a lawyer is recommended, but not necessary.

Irregardless of the amount you are seeking to collect or recover in small claims court, if you agree to have us represent you in your legal matter, the costs will be a flat fee (not including any post-judgment, collections, or appellate work):

$250-$400- Advisory role (We will explain the process, answer questions in office or by telephone regarding substantive and procedural issues and discuss case strategies for client to pursue).

$500-$750- Consultation role (including all of the above, plus we will assist you in drafting legal documents)

$800-$2,000- Full Representation by attorney (including all of the above, plus attending Pre-Trial Conference/Mediation and trial (if necessary).  

Please note that the fees listed above are a general guideline and that all cases are unique.  The actual fee of your case will be dependent upon the nature of the case, the amount in controversy and the location in which the suit is filed.  Feel free to contact our St. Petersburg Small Claims attorney/lawyer anytime via e-mail or by phone at (727) 474-1227.  As your lawyer, I promise I will work with you.  

St. Petersburg, FL/Clearwater, FL Small Claims Attorney

Small claims court is subset of county court in the Florida court system that is designed for disputes that don't exceed $5,000 in damages, excluding court costs, interest and/or attorney’s fees. Small claims court has less stringent rules than county court (amount in controversy is does not exceed $15,000) and circuit courts (amount in controversy exceeds $15,000). The Small Claims Rules serve to make the small claims court process simpler (especially for pro se litigants), speedier and more informal than the regular civil court process. A basic goal of the small claims process is to allow any person or business to resolve their small civil disputes through the court system without having to go through complex court procedures.

Small Claims Court defined

Any person eighteen years of age or older may file a small claims lawsuit. A minor must have a parent or legal guardian file on his/her behalf. A business, whether owned by an individual, a partnership or a corporation, may also file a lawsuit in small claims court.

Who can bring a claim in Small Claims Court

Filing fees for small claims actions are determined by law, and are subject to change. A current schedule of service charges is available on your local Clerk of Court’s office. The filing fees vary depending on the amount of the claim. Additional fees are required to serve the parties in the suit. A private process server can be hired to have the summons served or send it via certified mail. If the Sheriff of another county is needed to serve the notice, the various requirements and the address to which the notice should be sent should be checked. Certified mail service cannot be used as method of service outside the state of Florida. However, a post office box, if it is within the State of Florida, can be used to serve via certified mail.

Costs to File a Lawsuit in Small Claims Court?

A lawyer is not required in small claims court. However, court staff cannot provide legal advice or substantive assistance with a claim or other matters in a suit, so it can be very helpful to hire or consult with an attorney regarding the process, your rights, and claims/defenses.

Is an Attorney Needed in Small Claims Court?


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