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St. Pete Beach, FL Family Law/Custody Lawyer

Formerly known as St. Petersburg Beach, St. Pete Beach in Florida’s picturesque Pinellas County was just recently named the second best beach in all of the United States by Trip Advisor. Occupying the entirety of Long Key, this white sandy beach offers phenomenal views of the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico while still having easy access by bridge to neighboring St. Petersburg, South Pasadena, and Treasure Island.

While largely heralded as a tourist destination, approximately 10,000 individuals have made this city their home. With a median age of 54 and nearly 20% of residents being 65 years or older, a large portion of individuals are retirees looking for a quiet retreat to enjoy this new chapter of their life. But a large number of residents are married, some of whom are serving in our military.


Divorce rates across the country may be on the decline, but military divorces are on the rise. According to the Defense Department, the overall divorce rate in 2011 was 3.7%. This is compared to 2.6% in 2001.

Air Force Divorce Rate: 3.9% in 2011 (2.5% in 2001)
Army Divorce Rate: 3.7% in 2011
Navy Divorce Rate: 3.6% in 2011
Marines divorce Rate: 3.8% in 2011

The most shocking statistic of all, however, is the divorce rate of women in the military. According to 2011 Pentagon statistics, the divorce rate for women in the military was more than double that of men. 7.9% of women in the armed forces were divorced in 2010 compared to 3% of men.


Unless a “jurisdiction” is granted for both you and your spouse, your divorce won’t be valid. For the average married couple, deciding the jurisdiction is fairly straightforward. For military personnel who may be stationed in one area yet were married in another, this can be a complex process, particularly if one or both spouse’s military retirement benefits are going to be an issue.

Your Domicile: A domicile is defined as being your “permanent home”, or the home in which you have a record of living in while serving in the military. This may be proved by a spouse being registered to vote in a particular state, paying state income tax, or owning a home in that state

Your Residency: Typically a couple would need to live in a state for anywhere from 3 to 12 months prior to being able to file for divorce there
Figuring out where to file is incredibly important in a military divorce as it can make all the difference in what you are and aren’t entitled to in the divorce settlement.

Jerome Williams is an experienced Family Law attorney in the Pinellas County area who has provided divorce counsel for many years. We welcome your call with any questions or concerns related to family law at (727) 474-1227.
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