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Unfortunately, one of the most taxing experiences one can go through is a divorce.  For some, there's a misconception that there is always a winning and losing party. To be honest, no one wins in a divorce.  As a family law firm located in St. Petersburg, FL, our goal is to help you obtain the best possible outcome and to ensure that your rights are protected, especially if you're dealing with a contested divorce.  

​When two parties get divorced in the state of Florida, a term called "Equitable Distribution," determines the division of marital assets along with marital liabilities.  In a divorce, the law requires the court to presume that the distribution of assets and liabilities to the parties must be equal.  In most instances, the court can and usually considers both parties' contribution to the marriage, whether it's inside or outside of the home.  Take a look at the following hypothetical when dealing with a divorce in Sarasota, FL:  Husband stays at home to take care of Child A and B that were conceived during the marriage with Wife.  Wife is employed as a physician, making well over $100,000 per year.  There are cars, houses, jewelry along with other property, including real property that was purchased during the marriage.  After 7 years of marriage, Husband decides that he no longer wants to be married. Applying the "Equitable Distribution" standard, depending on other factors, Husband would probably obtain over 50% of the marital property (either slightly or overwhelmingly).  

In Family Law, whenever the notion of a divorce is discussed, these three issues are almost invariably present: Child Support, Child Custody (now called "Time-Sharing"), and  AlimonyChild support is determined by a mathematical formula that is used in the "Child Support Guidelines Worksheet."  The one issue that may arise from time to time is the inaccuracy of the opposing party's reported income.  In divorce cases, use of a lawyer is recommended, to ensure that you are cognizant of all of your options and engage in a plan of action that will enable you to best accomplish your objectives.  

Alimony has been a hot topic in the state of Florida for a while and continues to be. There are 6 types of alimony available to any party during/after divorce proceedings.  They are: Permanent alimony, Rehabilitative alimony, Bridge-the-gap alimony, Durational alimony, Lump Sum Alimony and Temporary alimony.  Some of the factors considered when awarding a party alimony is as follows:  the length of marriage, standard of living during the marriage, age, physical/emotion condition of each party, spouse's contribution to the marriage along with other factors that may be deemed relevant.  

When dealing with a  St. Petersburg divorce, it is imperative that going in you are prepared to address these ten things:

       1)  Requirements for FL Divorces
       2)  How to begin the divorce process
       3)  Marital Assets
       4)  Division of Marital Property
       5)  Alimony
       6)  Custody
       7)  Child Support
       8)  Documents
       9)  Debts
      10) Taxes 

Please take a look at some of the relevant divorce statutes that come up often in Family Law cases.  

FS.  61.021      Residence requirements
FS.  61.052      Dissolution of marriage
FS.  61.075      Equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities
FS.  61.08        Alimony
FS.  61.1301    Income Deduction Order
FS.  61.13016  Suspension of driver licenses and motor vehicle registrations

We are a law firm operating out of the St. Petersburg, FL area, focusing on Family Law services, such as: Divorce, Child Support, Paternity, Alimony and other Family Law matters.  Most divorce matters start with $1,500- $3,500 down.  

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