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The Law office of Jerome C. Williams, Jr., provides unbundled and limited scope legal services.  Essentially, this means that as your attorney, I will provide legal guidance and draft legal documents. In addition, we can file your documents for you at no additional cost. As your attorney, I will advise you when, where and how to sign and store or file your legal documents.  Our pricing starts at only $399, depending on the type of service you are requesting.    

According to a statistic published by the Florida Bar, 60% of the population in Florida falls into the Middle-class to lower middle class.  Essentially this means that most people cannot afford a $5,000-$8,000 retainer for their Family law matter.  As a result, there are more and more pro se litigants in the Family Law arena looking to represent themselves in their legal matter.  In order to avoid the headaches and pitfalls in court and throughout the legal process, you can now hire an attorney to perform a specific task or task(s).  For example, do you need an attorney to help you draft a petition, and accompanying documents?  You pay only one fee and if additional services are needed, you pay an additional fee.  You only pay for what you need and/or want.   Many family law cases are settled way before a Final Hearing, so it may not be necessary to hire an attorney.  When necessary, I will advise you as to whether you should retain a lawyer (usually when you're dealing with high assets, contested time-sharing/parental responsibility issues, etc.).  

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Virtual Law Practice

I provide a virtual law practice and unbundled legal services to all 67 counties of Florida with full litigation services in the following counties: Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough and Polk.  By offering a "virtual" option for our clients, we are able to keep costs to a minimum while optimizing the services offered.  We have had many clients already utilize this option and were absolutely thrilled. I provide cost-effective and efficient, limited legal services pertaining to Family Law.  Please note that Limited legal services can also be referred to as "unbundled legal services," "limited scope representation," "ghost-writing," or "discrete task representation." This means that the attorney provides only a limited scope of legal services as requested and purchased by you.  The attorney's relationship with you does not exceed the limited score of work I have agreed to perform on your behalf.  Make sure that you are fully aware of your legal rights and options in any divorce or family law legal issue.  I am ready to provide the answers you need and the representation you deserve.  Please feel free to contact me to set up a consultation to see if I can help you by using our "contact us" form, or by calling (727) 474-1227.   
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